The Artisans Ayutthaya
Best Restaurant Award

Forgotten materials and the elderly women of the Run House:

A space of life and intellectual richness, with (almost) forgotten treasures.

The triangular-shaped buildings made of glass blocks integrated within the community of "Run House" serve as a symbol of existence, narrating a story that is unique to the people in the area. Nobody can predict what lies inside these buildings. This is precisely what architecture conveys—the curiosity and wonder of contemporary people towards history that has never been recorded.

Here, it is not just a place for dining, but a space where one can experience intellectual enrichment and cultural heritage.

We aspire for every visit to "The Artisans Ayutthaya" to be an immersive journey that resembles opening the doors to a building. This journey will allow you to learn about the beauty of history and the intermingling of spaces. It will feel like traveling back in time, finding ourselves in the midst of a cluster of buildings, where we will simultaneously learn about the intellectual heritage and cultural traditions of the bygone era. Our aim is to explore the intellectual enrichment and the values that are present within this community.

Receiving The Design Prize 2021 in the “Social Impact” category from Design Boom, Italy.

Receiving “The Best Restaurant 2022” award from Wallpaper* Magazine.

The Design Prize 2021
Wallpaper* Magazine 2022


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