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The Artisans Ayutthaya
“A mission driven by passion to preserve
the legacy of taste through world-class architecture.”
“The Artisans Ayutthaya” is more than just a restaurant;
it is akin to a living anthology that breathes life into the past.


A small community located on the edge of a river, whose untold stories hold an extraordinary cultural heritage, passed down from (extra)ordinary individuals.

The community of “Ban Run” has a playful nickname among ourselves, called the “Secret City.” The majority of residents here are elderly women, some unmarried and some widowed. The stories within the community of Ban Run have been driven by love and unwavering support for each other throughout the passage of time. Every family in this community is rich in wisdom and carries a unique culinary heritage, along with secret recipes. There is a strong determination to pass down their knowledge and warm-heartedness from generation to generation, ensuring that their descendants are nourished both in the stomach and in the heart.


Community dinners in the village of Run are extraordinary, showcasing the (extra)ordinary people's culinary talents.

If you are familiar with Ayutthaya and the grand palace’s culinary traditions, here you will discover Ayutthaya in a new dimension that is different from before. Through the skilled hands of authentic local chefs, they continue to innovate and elevate the value of local ingredients. They cultivate the hearts of the experienced kitchen matriarchs, grandmothers, and greatgrandmothers, allowing them to have endless fun in creating unique and flavorful local dishes once again.


Ancient pottery techniques are transformed into exquisite craftsmanship, resulting in the most exquisite ceramic vessels at The Artisans of Ayutthaya.

All the vessels of "The Artisans of Ayutthaya" are authentic ancient craftsmanship that requires ingenuity and skill to create. They are not only visually stunning but also bring immense satisfaction. During meals, they enhance the dining experience with the aromatic essence infused from the fired clay material embedded within the food. The exceptional feature of this ancient wisdom is the thickness of the clay, which helps retain heat in the vessels for a prolonged period, resulting in a continuous release of enticing aromas over time.


The space of life and intellectual enrichment, with (almost) forgotten values.

Everything that happens here is a story that connects the past, present, and future together. The group of triangular-shaped buildings, made mostly of glass blocks, intermingles with the community of "Ban Run." They tell the context of Ayutthaya through ideas and the fusion of materials, using glass blocks as building walls and incorporating wooden frames instead of cement to convey the blending of industrial materials with nature. It represents the intention to connect and transmit heritage from the community's culture to architectural works.


Every space dedicated to a mission from the heart.

Experience the art of Thai cultural performances at the Riverside Wooden Pavilion. Every area of "The Artisans Ayutthaya" is utilized to perpetuate and celebrate the cultural heritage of the community. During the late afternoons of Saturdays and Sundays, in front of the Paa Sa-Ngiam Building, there are traditional Thai village cultural performances rotating each week.

Glutinous Rice Dumplings (Khao Tom Mud)

Wrapping, tying, bundling, all done with authentic Thai wisdom, staying closely connected to the original Thai traditions. Enhance the Thai cultural essence by using banana leaves to wrap the glutinous rice dumplings, skillfully folding and tucking them neatly, and securing them with ancient-style bamboo sticks. Khao Tom Mud, the traditional Thai-style sticky rice dumplings, was registered as a cultural heritage of Thailand in the year 2014 (B.E. 2557).

Local Bars (Bar Chon Na Bot)

a traditional rural beverage from Artisans Ayutthaya. It is made using traditional fermentation techniques and is known for its distinct and unique flavors. It provides various benefits and is cherished as a speciality of the local community.

Floating Lotus Flowers (Loi Dok Bua)

We would like to offer you an experience of joy, fulfillment, and spiritual significance that has been passed down through generations in our local community of Ayutthaya. The mothers and aunts will prepare the grand lotus flowers and decorate a luxurious boat to take the visitors to participate in the "Loi Dok Bua" ceremony. This involves floating the lotus flowers on the majestic Chaopraya River, in front of the sacred gate of the ancient temple, as a tribute to the revered animals.

Boat Tour Along the historical river cruise retracing the paths of 3 significant rivers.

Experience the way of life along the historical rivers of Thailand: Chaopraya River, Lopburi River, and Pa Sak River. These rivers have been crucial lifelines for the Thai people for a long time, serving as transportation routes and natural defenses against invasions for the city of Ayutthaya.

Route 1

Take a tour around the city island to explore the world heritage sites and witness the way of life of the riverside communities. Visit the Tha Kha Rong Market to taste delicious local food. Pay respects to the sacred sites for blessings and experience the unique elephant feeding ritual. Observe elephants bathing in the Lopburi River. Before returning, make a stop at Wat Chaiwatthanaram to capture photos during the sunset.

Route 2

Embark on a boat tour to explore Koh Phra, the island located directly across from Bang Pa-In Palace, a royal residence. Koh Phra is a central island in the Chaopraya River. Along this route, you will pass by significant landmarks such as Bang Pa-In Palace and have the opportunity to pay respects at the historical Wat Niwet Thammaprawat.

The boat tour costs 3,500 Baht per hour++ *with a maximum capacity of 6 people. *Please note that this price does not include a 10% service charge and a 7% tax. *Additionally, the price does not cover meals, beverages, and fish/elephant feeding expenses.

“Likay Dance: The First Generation From Sra Kaew Temple”
by Artisans, performed to preserve Thai cultural heritage,
incorporates various traditional Thai dances including Likay,
Khon, Ranat, Khim, and Ram Thai.
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